Recent Decisions

SBOT Card No. Type of Matter Decision BODA Cause Number
In the Matter of Sean Patrick Mount 24068950 Reciprocal Discipline Denied 66334
In the Matter of Derek Alfonso Quinata 24072292 Revocation of Probation Suspended 66219
In the Matter of James Morris Balagia 00783589 Compulsory Discipline Interlocutory Suspension 65867
In the Matter of David Allan Krueger 24025940 Compulsory Discipline 65866
In the Matter of Geoffrey C. Mousseau 14606300 Compulsory Discipline Disbarred 65863
In the Matter of Alfonso Kennard Jr 24036888 Reciprocal Discipline Suspended 65861
In the Matter of Darrell Keith Hickman 09572980 Reciprocal Discipline Partially Probated Suspension 65860
In the Matter of Robert Theodore Hume 10269600 Reciprocal Discipline Public Reprimand 65567
In the Matter of J. Marcos Perales-Pina 24091472 Reciprocal Discipline Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 64720
In the matter of Ilya Torchinsky 24095196 Reciprocal Discipline Resigned in Lieu of Discipline 64475